Magic Cat: Enter the Mystical Cat World by THOMAS SABO

    Mysterious and with a dash of magic: discover the THOMAS SABO Cat jewellery collection.

    Cat owners will agree on the fact that the elegant felines have a strong calming effect on the mind: with their silent wandering around, their purring, cuddling and any-time napping they are a pleasant and soothing sight and offer a sort of anti-stress remedy to the body and soul. This magical effect has inspired THOMAS SABO to create the Magic Cat range, featuring cat amulets that are believed to carry the cat’s special powers. Read more about this beautiful and magical jewellery range in the THOMAS SABO Magazine.

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    A cat is a friend for life

    Cats are symbols of wisdom and purity: they have an honest and good character and can help you find your inner balance and focus on your desires and dreams. The unique cat jewellery designs from the THOMAS SABO Magic Cat range celebrate these special feline powers, allowing all cat lovers to keep their furry friends always close to their heart.

    pendant Cat constellation
    ring Cat’s ears, silver
    pendant Cat gold
    ring Cat’s ears, gold

    Cosmic cat pendants

    The Magic Cat pendants are majestic, handcrafted jewellery pieces, which fascinate with their mystical charisma and impressive detailing. Star constellations and moon engravings provide a cosmic appeal, while the unmistakable cat collar in jewel colours gives an additional touch of style to the overall look. The fun cat ear ring is perfect for stacking or worn on its own. Magic tip: you can also wear it on a long chain around the neck!

    Bead Cat silver
    Bead Cat gold
    Bead Cat’s ears, silver
    Bead Cat’s ears, gold
    All 'Magic Cat'-products

    Charms with wow-factor

    The 925 Sterling silver charms are reliable companions, which can be worn on a necklace or charm bracelets, making a style statement while also showing your love for the fluffy and cuddly kitty. Another collectable highlight from the range is offered by the Magic Cat Karma Beads, which symbolise the intuition of the power animal. Think deep black zirconia eyes, milky quartz and onyx stones making for dazzling details.

    Charm pendant "kitten"
    Charm pendant "cat"
    Charm pendant "Siamese cat"
    Charm pendant "cat"
    Charm pendant "black cat"
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    Let yourself be spellbound

    Our designers have created unique pieces of cat jewellery with their mystical accessories: miniature, ultra-detailed sculptures with embellishment and fine engraving lines. If you wish to be drawn into the magical spell of our Magic Cat collection, visit one of our stores that you can easily find with our Shop Finder, or shop online on the THOMAS SABO online shop.

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