Karma Bead Styling Guide: Create your own designs!

    Here is your how-to guide to creative jewellery styling with THOMAS SABO Karma Beads: collectable pieces perfect for creating unique jewellery designs, which represent your style, your mood and life story.
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    THOMAS SABO Karma Beads are a tribute to all women and men who love jewellery and wish to add individual and stylish highlights to their looks. Inspired by the Wheel of Karma, which represents positive energy and the circle of life, our designers have created an array of unique beads that serve as talismans to strengthen the actions and thoughts of their wearer. The collection features almost 200 beads with their own profound meaning. Each of the bead design has a specific symbolism, which follows the motto:

    Such a good Karma.

    If you feel like creating your own personalised Karma Bead style, then get started now - it's super easy.

    1. choose your beads

    Be sure that every single bead is characterized by the attention to detail and that there is a suitable piece for every wearer to complement his or her own individual style.


    Our spiritual beads help you to deal with your past karma, to grow your personal strengths and to guide you towards positive karma.

    Bead Om
    Bead Yin
    Bead Nazar Auge
    Bead Fatimas Hand
    Bead Tree of Love gold
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    Figurative Beads

    The figurative THOMAS SABO Beads are real conversation starters! They also instil serenity, calm, kindness and unlimited love for animals and humans.

    Bead Cat gold
    Bead owl
    Bead Tiger
    Bead Elefant
    Bead Papagei
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    Stone Beads

    The delicate stone beads, such as the black-matt obsidian bead or the white bead pearl, are said to be pure energy sources. They help you to express your personality while also adding a touch of colour to your creation.

    Bead obsidian matt
    Bead white pearl
    Bead Braun
    Bead Rosa
    Bead Amethyst
    Bead Blau

    Rebel Beads for Men

    The beads in the THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver collection are trendy pieces with unique design codes that stand for loyalty, courage, hope, vitality and protection. From skulls to falcons and fleur-de-lis: the signature THOMAS SABO designs help creating bold looks for both men and women.

    Bead falcon
    Bead fleur-de-lis
    Bead Totenkopf Groß
    Bead Black Cat
    Bead Krone schwarz
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    Individual Bead Look

    With such an impressive selection of different colours, shapes, designs and bead meanings, you can have fun mix & matching and refreshing your style every day!

    hoop earrings for Beads "medium"
    earrings for beads
    bangle "classic"

    Please note: Not all the beads will fit on the hoops and bangle. Contact our customer service team if you have any questions. 

    2. Choose between neck, arm and ear

    To ensure that your beads stay safe and in the right place, add our THOMAS SABO stoppers to your creation. The stoppers can be slid over the piece of jewellery and, thanks to the silicone inlay inside, the beads will not slip.

    Note: The stoppers are only suitable to Karma bead bracelets and chains. 

    Stopper "Nietenoptik"
    stopper "classic"
    stopper "skull"
    safety chain "rivet look"
    Stopper "Classic"
    Sicherheitskette "Classic"

    Note: The stoppers are suitable for Karma bead bracelets and chains. 


    We have a special tip for all Charm Club fans: with our THOMAS SABO Karma Bead Charm Carriers, you can combine your charms wonderfully with the Karma Beads.

    carrier "Kathmandu"
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    Tag us

    Once you've created your unique bead design, why not share your look on social media with the tag @thomassabo: with your permission, we might repost it on the THOMAS SABO own channels! If you would like to discover even more THOMAS SABO jewellery, then come and see us at one of our stores near you (shop finder) or scroll through our THOMAS SABO online shop.

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