Ring Stacking: Do you have a good hand for this trend? 💍

    Reach out for our rings from the new Charming Collection & put your fingers in the limelight – according to the motto: more is more!

    This year you should definitely make the jewellery trend called ring stacking your own. In this new fashion phenomenon, jewellery lovers* combine/stack several rings with each other and thus skilfully set your hands in scene. To ensure that you too become a Ring Stacking Master, THOMAS SABO has created 40 filigree rings from the new Charming Collection. What you should look out for and what might suit you best is revealed to you now!

    Ring dots with white stones gold
    Ring white stone gold
    Ring dots colourful Stones gold

    Ring stacking: that's how it works!

    When stacking rings, you should pay attention to the design, size and colour of the rings. This fashion trend is all about wearing several of your favorite rings on one finger, seven or more on one hand, or both hands in a stunning stacking look  but make sure your combination works together harmoniously. Over time, you'll discover how this works best - because the trend is to try and see.

    There's never enough

    Be aware that ring stacking is a trend of superlatives: opulent, large, small, with stones, in gold or silver  allowed is what makes your heart beat faster and wraps your hands in glamourous finger jewellery.

    Ring dots stones gold
    Ring white stones gold
    Ring white Stones gold

    The right ring combination

    There are no limits to your creativity and preference: Whether you combine narrow and/or filigree rings with each other or prefer to string together somewhat larger pieces is entirely up to you. Almost all our ring designs are available in a double pack: in gold, sterling silver or rose gold. So you can wear the same ring on different fingers/hands and in different colours or even in the same colour - just the way you want it. Whatever you decide, the rings should fit together and not restrict your mobility. And we guarantee absolute finger freedom with our THOMAS SABO Charming Collection accessories - see for yourself!

    Ring dots with white stones gold
    Ring dots with white stones silver
    Ring dots with white stones rose gold

    Fitting 1, 2 or 3 fingers?

    Many readers* are probably asking themselves how many fingers should be used for ring stacking? Many lifestyle magazines, such as GLAMOUR, recommend that three fingers, "the index, middle and ring finger" should be equipped at the cool ring party.
    Furthermore it is also said:

    Courageous people wear the ring stacking
    as a statement
    ... even on the thumb or little finger.

    The length of the fingers also plays a role. The hands come into their own especially when you act according to the rule: The longer the finger, the more rings you can wear. Styling tip: You can also wear rings of different sizes on one finger - THIS is definitely an unmistakable look.

    Ring butterfly with flower white stones gold
    Ring white stones gold
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