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Elevate your look with gold-plated necklaces for men

Necklaces are a popular accessory among men as they lay emphasis on a man´s appearance and his features. From classic gold chain pieces with Cuban links to necklaces with eye-catching pendants: our jewellery is crafted by hand and elaborately made of high-quality gold-plated 925 Sterling silver. Here at THOMAS SABO, we are dedicated to creating accessories with meaningful elements that express your personality.

Gold or silver – what suits you best?

Gold and silver a both elegant materials that look amazing in any design. When you are not completely sure which colour flatters you best, you can determine your skin´s undertone. Analyse the colour of your veins in your wrist, your eyes and your hair:

  • If your veins are blue or purple, you have blue or green eyes and a light hair colour, then you have probably a cool undertone and silver suits you best. Here you can find silver necklaces for men.
  • If your veins are yellow or green and you have brown eyes and dark hair, then you probably have a warm undertone and gold suits you best.
  • However, you can also have a neutral undertone. Then you have the perfect skin tone for a pendant necklace with yellow-gold and silver elements.


What length should your golden necklace have?

The key to finding the right length is asking yourself when you want to wear it and how much attention you want to attract. In general, one can say that in a formal surrounding like your workspace, you should choose a longer necklace as you are able to discreetly tuck it in when needed. On our product pictures you can always see how the necklace for men fits to find a golden one that suits your taste. Pair with matching rings for men to complete your look.

The ideal necklace for men in gold is a symbol of identification, elevates your charisma and boosts your self-confidence. Discover the variety of golden necklaces for men in our online shop and choose your favourite pieces of jewellery.