Ring crown

Variation: 925 Sterling silver, blackened
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From $319.00
excl. VAT
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Ring crown
• Crown-shaped ring flaunting precisely handcrafted details
• Made of blackened 925 Sterling silver
• Elaborate embellishments with black zirconia pavé

Reminiscent of the Victorian age, this piece of jewellery adds a royal flair to everyday life. Depending on your preference, you may choose between two variants of the crown ring – either pure Sterling silver or a yellow-gold plating. Both options are complemented by tiny black zirconia stones in round and cubic shapes. With this ring, men or women don’t need a real crown to feel like fashionable kings and queens!
925 Sterling silver, blackened
zirconia black
black, silver-coloured
approx. 1.00 cm (0.39 Inch)
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925 Sterling silver

925 Sterling silver

For its jewellery items, THOMAS SABO uses the highest-quality and most popular alloy in the jewellery sector: 925 Sterling silver. This is nickel-free and thus suitable for wear by allergy sufferers.

Zirconia (imitation diamond)

Zirconia is an artificially manufactured stone. It offers high scratch resistance and is shaped using a brilliant cut of the sort typical for diamonds. This provides its characteristic, dazzling look.
Zirconia (imitation diamond)
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