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Experience a spectacular triumph of colour in form of highly detailed masterpieces: jewellery wonders inspired by nature carry you into a garden full of sparkling highlights, where butterflies swarm and shine between floral and leaf designs. Enjoy the fresh elegance of this jewellery collection.
With attention to detail
Discover a mesmerising world of jewellery made from radiant elements of nature.
Peace of mind
The most powerful stone for the soul helps when meditating to regain inner balance.
Opal-coloured stone
The THOMAS SABO gemstone shimmers in different shades of pink and the opalescent radiance exudes a glamorous freshness.
Symbol of transition
The butterfly is one of nature's most emblematic animals and stands above all for profound transformations in life.
Revitalising styling
The wings of the THOMAS SABO butterfly fascinate with detailed cut-outs that give a delicate finish to any styling.
EUR 498,00
Magic Garden