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Discover cool earrings and ear studs for men at THOMAS SABO

Our earrings and ear studs for men enable style-conscious men to add an on-trend touch to everyday or evening styles. Combining contemporary styling with centuries' old traditional symbols has created a range of masculine designs of male earrings for fashion-aware men. THOMAS SABO silver, gold and black earrings for men are created with meticulous craftsmanship and an eye for detail. All ear studs and earrings are worked in high-grade 925 Sterling silver. A selection of ear studs, ear cuffs and earrings for men features a warm and opulent-looking 750 yellow gold-plated finish. Hand-cut stones, including precious zirconia, embellish the high-grade silver, transforming the designs into truly eye-catching statement pieces. Intricate reliefs and three-dimensional designs further enhance the symbolic motifs of this stylish earrings for guys.

Extensive range of men's earring designs

The earrings, ear studs, ear cuffs and hoop earrings for men from the THOMAS SABO Rebel at heart collection represent more than just men's jewellery. They are an expression of the man's personality and are, in essence, small artworks with a distinctive charm. 925 Sterling silver earrings for men embellished with zirconia or black stones or 750 yellow gold-plated ear studs or ear cuffs for men – the collection is as diverse as the personalities of the men who sport them. The on-trend collection of earrings and ear studs for men includes:

  • Ear studs for men: the classic reinterpreted men's ear jewellery, guaranteed to stylishly elevate any outfit. THOMAS SABO has a series of minimalist designs including finely worked crosses, skulls, swords or animals.
  • Long drop earrings: intricately crafted, rich in detailing, to make a real statement. Long single drop earrings embellished with zirconia ornamentation that sway as you move, catching the light.
  • Hoop earrings for men: whether your preference is a classic, simple single hoop or hoops embellished with rich detailing and a unique design, including mystic feathers – THOMAS SABO cool hoop earrings for men add a touch of cool elegance to any style.

Give the gift of earrings and ear studs for men with highly symbolic motifs

The richness of fine detailing and exciting combination of materials used to create THOMAS SABO hoop earrings, ear studs and earrings for men from the Rebel at heart collection simply exude strength, power and energy. Some pieces are embellished with highly symbolic motifs expressing a deeper hidden meaning. The studs for men featuring iconic skull symbols lend the pieces a mystic charm. The skull motif represents freedom and rebellion, at the same time reminding us of the transience of life. Earrings boasting a sword stylishly accentuate the masculinity of the wearer, emanating courage, strength and self-awareness. Cross earrings for men also make a powerful statement. The symbol of hope and belief magnificently sets off the men's earrings in 925 Sterling silver or 725 yellow gold plating. Now every style-conscious man can individually express their own personality through their earrings and ear studs.