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Determining your ring size

Determine your size THOMAS SABO ring sizes are measured in millimeters. For example a size 44 is 44mm in circumference. You can determine your ring size with a soft measuring tape or piece of ribbon. To measure, place the measuring tape (or ribbon) around your finger and mark the end. Using a ruler, measure the marked cord to get your ring size. If your finger size is between two sizes, choose the next size up. For example, if your finger measured 51mm, select a 52mm ring size. Size Chart EU USA UK Ø mm ◯ mm 44 3 F 14 mm 44 mm 46 3 ¾ G ½ - H 14,6 mm 46 mm 48 4 ½ I ½ 15,3 mm 48 mm 50 5 ¼ K 16 mm 50 mm 52 6 L ½ 16,6 mm 52 mm 54 6 ¾ N 17,3 mm 54 mm 56 7 ½ O ½ - P 18 mm 56 mm 58 8 ½ Q ½ 18,5 mm 58 mm 60 9 S - S ½ 19,3 mm 60 mm 62 10 T ½ - U 19,7 mm 62 mm 64 10 ¾ V -V ½ 20,4 mm 64 mm 66 11 ½ X 21 mm 66 mm 68 12 ¼ Y ½ 21,7 mm 68 mm   Use our virtual try-on tool to try on the jewellery before you purchase! READ MORE

Determining your bracelet size

Determine your size THOMAS SABO also shows the inner circumference in centimeter in the size selection field on every bracelet detail page. For example: L15 (15.00 cm); L19v (14.00 - 19.00 cm). This inner circumference corresponds to the circumference of your wrist. You can easily determine your own bracelet size with a measuring tape or a cord. To measure simply place the cord (or the measuring tape) around your wrist. The ends of the cord should be marked. By using a ruler, you can then measure the marked cord and get your wrist size.

Determining the chain length


Use our virtual try-on tool to try on the jewellery before you purchase!

This function is currently only available for rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and watches. With your mobile phone, you can start directly by taking a photo of your hand, ear or upper body. When you are at your computer, please scan the QR code with your mobile phone and continue as described.   3 simple steps to use the THOMAS SABO virtual jewellery try-on: Step 1: Click on the "Try it on" button If a particular piece of jewellery has caught your interest, go to the product page to try it on virtually. Click on the "Try it on" button to get started.   Step 2: Take a photo of your hand, ear or upper body You will be asked to take a photo of your hand, ear or upper body. This photo will allow you to try on the piece of jewellery you have chosen. You can select different positions of the rings on your hand and also create your own stacking combination! This way you can get an idea of how beautiful your hand, ear or décolleté will look sparkling. Please note: If you want to try on earrings virtually, we recommend removing earrings you are already wearing.   Step 3: "Add to cart" button Click on the "Add to cart" button to add the jewellery directly to your shopping cart.   Tip: Share your new favourite jewellery with your friends and family!  


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