What is Click & Collect?

Our ‘Click & Collect’ service offers you the chance to purchase products online and have them delivered directly to a THOMAS SABO Store near you. To do this, simply select the ‘Click & Collect’ option when providing your ‘Delivery address’ during the checkout process. You can use the drop-down menu to select the THOMAS SABO Store you prefer. Afterwards, you will be guided through the rest of the checkout process. As soon as your package is ready for pick-up, we will notify you with an email. Can I also have my chosen products sent to my jeweller? No, this is unfortunately not possible. The 'Click & Collect' function can only be used for selected THOMAS SABO Store. Can I have my chosen products sent to a THOMAS SABO store abroad? You can send your chosen products to any THOMAS SABO Store of your choice in the country, irrespective of where you live. It is unfortunately not possible to send abroad, however. How long will my order be kept in the THOMAS SABO store? Your order will be kept in the THOMAS SABO Store for you for seven days and then automatically returned to our headquarter. If I do not like the product, can I get an immediate refund in the THOMAS SABO store? It is not possible to receive a cash refund directly in the THOMAS SABO Store. The purchase amount will be refunded as quickly as possible to the means of payment selected during the purchase process.

How do I select Click & Collect for my order?

Place your chosen items in the shopping basket. To use the ‘Click & Collect’ service, please select ‘Send to THOMAS SABO Store’. With the help of a drop-down list, you can now select the store to which you would like your products to be sent. The address, contact data and opening times of the THOMAS SABO Store in question will be displayed for you. You will then receive an e-mail with confirmation that we have received your order. Once your consignment has arrived at your chosen THOMAS SABO Store, you will again receive an e-mail – this is the binding notification that your products are ready for collection and informs you how long they will be kept for you. Please note: The package will be stored in the store for you for seven days and then automatically returned to headquarters. With this e-mail and a valid ID (ID card/driving license), you can collect the order from your THOMAS SABO Store. Alternatively, you can appoint a person authorised by you to collect the order from the store. In order for your package to be handed over, this person must also present this e-mail, an authorisation to act bearing the name of the person collecting and a valid ID (ID card/driving license).

What is Click & Reserve?

Our ‘Click & Reserve’ service offers you the chance to reserve the products you want online and then conveniently pick them up in a THOMAS SABO Store near you. On the product detail page, choose the colour and size of the piece of jewellery you want to reserve. Then click on the ‘Check in-store availability’ link. Then enter the desired city or postcode – the THOMAS SABO Store near you that offer the ‘Click & Reserve’ service and have the items in stock will then be displayed. How long will my jewellery be reserved? We usually reserve your jewellery for the following three days. However, please refer to the e-mail sent to you by the THOMAS SABO Store for the exact date as soon as the staff have put the products back for you. Can I reserve a product in a larger quantity? The basic rule applies: Each variant of a product can only be reserved once. For example, if you want to reserve the exact same ring in the same size and colour, this will not work. However, you are welcome to reserve the ring in two sizes or in two colours – and then decide in the store. Can I also make a reservation with my jeweller? No, this is unfortunately not possible. The 'Click & Reserve' function can only be used for selected THOMAS SABO Stores. Can I cancel or adjust my reservation in the store? If you don't like the product you reserved, you can simply leave it in the store and of course you don't have to buy it. Also, if you find that a different size fits you better or you like another piece of jewellery better, simply change your reservation in the store! Can I save my reservation list and send it at a later date? Yes, that’s possible. However, you must be logged in to do so. Then the items that you have added to your as yet unsent reservation list will be automatically saved for you. The next time you log in, you can view your reservation list in your account, add further jewellery designs if you wish and then reserve the jewellery pieces together.

How do I select Click & Reserve for my chosen product?

Decide on the colour and size of the jewellery item that you would like to reserve on the product detail page. Then click on the ‘Availability in the stores’ link. In the next step, enter the desired city or postcode. You will now be shown the THOMAS SABO Stores in the area that offer the 'Click & Reserve' function. Incidentally: You can also make reservations in foreign THOMAS SABO Stores if they participate in 'Click & Reserve'. Furthermore, you can see whether the piece of jewellery is available in the respective stores. As soon as all your chosen products are on the reservation list, you can reserve your items by clicking on the ‘Complete reservation’ button. You will then receive an e-mail with confirmation that we have received your request. After the staff at the THOMAS SABO Store have checked your order and put the products back, you will receive another email – only this will provide binding information about whether your products are available and how long they will be held back for you.

Ear piercing

EAR PIERCING WITH THOMAS SABO In the best of hands For ear piercing, we do not use THOMAS SABO ear jewellery but special, medical ear studs from STUDEX who are the global piercing leader and largest manufacturer of ear piercing. Over 100 million ear piercings have been performed using STUDEX precision instruments worldwide, signaling trust and quality.  STUDEX ear studs are made from surgical steel and real gold, and comply with the EU Reach Regulation. They are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly to prevent allergic reactions. Only trained sales associates who have completed the required training program are authorised to pierce ears at THOMAS SABO.   QUESTIONS ABOUT EAR PIERCING AT THOMAS SABO: Which parts of the ear can be pierced? THOMAS SABO offers lobe piercings only. We can do multiple lobe piercings, such as two to three ear studs on the earlobe using STUDEX ear studs for the initial piercing/s.  How are the ears pierced?  The earlobe/s are cleaned thoroughly on both sides with an alcohol swab. The alcohol is left to act and dry for 30 seconds.  The position of the piercing is marked with a non-toxic pen. The piercing device is cleaned with alcohol and a sterile cartridge containing the stud and clasp is inserted to the device. Thanks to the sterile cartridge, the piercer never touches the stud or clasp and the device itself never comes into direct contact with the ear either. The device is aligned to the position of the mark and the handle is squeezed firmly to pierce the ear almost painlessly within a few seconds. At most, you will feel a brief pinch. From what age is ear piercing allowed? There is no minimum age for ear piercing. The decision to pierce children’s ears is at the discretion of the parent/s or guardian/s. However, we recommend waiting at least until the child’s 4th birthday. Parents/guardians must provide written consent in the case of minors. For children under 16, they must be present when the ears are pierced. How do I care for a new ear piercing? Redness or swelling may appear shortly after a piercing. Don’t worry, this is a normal reaction. Your THOMAS SABO sales associate will give you care instructions explaining everything in detail. In order for optimal healing, we ask you to follow the instructions carefully. This will involve cleaning your piercing twice a day with a piercing lotion for six weeks and keeping the ear/s dry. How long until I can remove the medical stud/s and wear other earrings? After six weeks you will be able to swap your stud/s to your favourite THOMAS SABO earrings and experience unique mix and match styling. Combine different designs for an on-trend ear candy look! How much does it cost? The piercing service is complimentary with each ear stud priced at £20. Book your appointment now Walk-ins are welcome or book online to make an appointment. If you wish for your child’s ears to be pierced we recommend you make an appointment to avoid waiting in the store. You can book an appointment in selected THOMAS SABO stores - click here for more information. Service Guide Piercing  

Care pierced ears

For the first six weeks we recommend Wash your hands carefully before touching your ear stud or ear. Apply the After Piercing Lotion to the front and back of your ear twice a day without removing the ear stud. Turn the ear stud 2 – 3 times 180 ° to the left and 180 ° to the right, i.e. only ½ turn each time, to avoid hair wrapping around the pin of the ear stud on the back of the ear. Keep the ear dry between care applications.Make sure that no hairspray, shampoo, soap or other preparations come into contact with the ear. After washing the hair, the ear should be rinsed with clear water and then the After Piercing Lotion should be applied as described above. Do not remove the ear stud during the first 6 weeks. Do not touch your ear and / or the ear stud unnecessarily. Leave the ear stud fastener correctly in the notch of the ear stud pin and check the correct fit of the ear stud fastener each time you perform the care routine. This ensures that the ear stud fits securely and that enough air gets to the piercing channel. An ear stud that is too tight can lead to an infection (see illustration)   Tips for replacing the ear stud after the healing phase With the fingernail of one hand, grasp under the ear stud head and with the other hand grasp the ear stud fastener. Pull on both parts while turning one part to the left and the other to the right. Make sure you pull both pieces apart in a straight line. If the ear stud fastener is too tight, hold a cotton pad soaked in After Piercing Lotion on it for 4 - 5 min. Repeat steps 1 - 3 above and the ear stud fastener will come off more easily.

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