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From majestic and highly detailed to sleek and bold: THOMAS SABO signet rings are inspired by ancient family heirlooms and symbols of success. Make your very own styling statement with combinable designs that are guaranteed to create an impressive effect.
Eye-catching signet rings
Go for combinations that do justice to your trend-conscious individuality and skilfully show off individual rings on your fingers – that way you'll attract all eyes to your self-confident styling.
Distinctive look
Signet rings have the power to tell a story in style and radiate deep symbolism – use this effect to create your own individual looks.
18k gold plating
The high-quality THOMAS SABO designs made from 925 Sterling silver are coated several times with an 18k gold layer – giving the high quality jewellery a radiant look.
Rings for versatile styling
Elegant, rock’n’roll or simple: The detailed signet rings guarantee eye-catching styling, according to your personal fashion taste.
Classic ring black-gold
The handcrafted signet ring combines shapes from classic eras with modern jewellery design. The ring head and onyx are polished to a shiny-smooth finish, forming a solid unit. The symbolism of the gemstone gives the signet ring a striking radiance.
Signet Rings