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Stone and leather bracelets for men by THOMAS SABO

Traditional style meets modern design language: the cool stone and leather bracelets for men express masculinity and strength. Within the THOMAS SABO online-shop, you can find a large selection of different designs made of various materials. All our stone and leather bracelets for men are decorated with silver elements, valuably made of blackened 925 Sterling silver.

The stone bracelets for men consist of real stones, such as the black obsidian, brown tiger’s eye, or jasper, but also made of imitated malachite, lapis lazuli, or coral. They inspire in monochrome or in colourful looks.

Our leather bracelets for men, which are made of braided leather in black or grey with classic or modern elements are special eye-catchers. They are available in various lengths.

The world of stones: a THOMAS SABO men’s stone bracelet – mystical, classic, clean

The striking men’s stone bracelets stand for a combination of rocky details and perfect craftsmanship: These accessories don’t try to copy trends, because they set them themselves. Thanks to an elastic band, they can be worn or taken off easily and are also available in various lengths. Versions with a braided macramé clasp are adjustable in length. Bold or shiny stone beads create exciting looks, which is why our gemstone bracelets can be combined fashionably within the mix & match-style, such as the men’s tiger’s eye or onyx bracelets. Besides, these beaded designs feature clean or expressive elements. The bezel in jewellery is a lavish component to turn our stone bracelets into impressive eye-catchers.

Our stone bracelets for men with the skull symbol embody a dignified and rock-star attitude. These beads resemble confidence and strength and embody an impressive eye-catcher, whether as skulls or animalistic tigers. We create exciting bicolour looks by using blackened 925 Sterling silver or an 18k yellow gold plating. These skull and tiger beads are designed either in a simple or graphically intricate manner, which ensure an exciting material mix.

Easy to wear: THOMAS SABO men’s leather bracelets – elegant or casual accessories

The high-quality leather bracelets for men can be added to modern looks as well as to classical styles. They are suitable for men with a persuasive and confident charisma. The various grey or black leather bracelets make a clean addition to every outfit, which is why they support a rebellious appearance, whether in business or in everyday clothes. The men’s leather braided bracelets are easy to wear thanks to the lobster clasp made of blackened 925 Sterling silver. This way, we combine rustic with elegant materials. Available in different lengths, you can order the masculine wristbands in leather between 15 to 19 cm.

The timeless leather bracelets for men are outstanding combination partners together with rings or necklaces for men within the same style. Apart from this, the men’s woven leather bracelets match with men’s 925 Sterling silver bracelets with extravagant details. The exciting jewellery lives up to the ambitious reputation of THOMAS SABO, which is based on high-quality and elaborate designs. Characteristic THOMAS SABO icons are:

  • Skulls in three-dimensional display
  • Tiger heads with or without stone setting in perfect craftsmanship
  • Tree of love within the bicolour style