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THOMAS SABO combines elements of nature with creative cut-out designs, resulting in fascinating jewellery highlights. This collection is an interplay of symbolic power and stylish elegance, where precise craftsmanship creates a treasured heirloom.
Stylish effect
Experience the positive effect of this nature-inspired jewellery range and rediscover your stylish self.
Feeling of freedom
The meaningful design symbolises the cycle of life and the revitalising connection between man and nature.
Love & peace
Put down roots and replenish your energy: The Tree of Love brings peace into your life so that you can rekindle the loving relationship with yourself.
Cosmic order
The artistic Tree of Love restores the earth to its original balance and exudes a soothing power on the soul of its wearer.
Tree of Love
Artfully and intricately crafted by hand, the extraordinary cut-out pendant combines the symbolism of the tree of life with the power of love.
Tree of Love

Artistic Tree of Love jewellery by THOMAS SABO

Inspired by elements of nature, our Tree of Love jewellery exudes a powerful symbolism. This is reflected in its creative and imaginative detailing and the precision of its hand-crafted artistry. THOMAS SABO Tree of Love jewellery is hand-worked in exquisite 925 Sterling silver.
The intricate Tree of Love products are hand-crafted with an artful filigree cut-out effect. Many of the life-affirming Tree of Love creations come with a precious 18k rosé gold or yellow gold-plated finish. The Tree of Love jewellery collection includes a wealth of interpretations of the Tree of Love as pendant necklaces, rings, bracelets or chains.

Tree of Love jewellery: the meaning of the Tree of Life

Our Tree of Love jewellery is inspired by the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life has deep symbolic significance in the mythology of many people of the world. With its deep roots and high tops, the Tree of Life stands in the centre of the world, its axis, stretching its branches upwards and connecting heaven, earth and the underworld. THOMAS SABO Tree of Love jewellery thus symbolically keeps the cosmic order in balance, bringing your soul back into equilibrium. The Tree of Love also symbolises:

  • The power of love
  • Peace and balance
  • Inner strength
  • Hope
  • Equilibrium
  • Wisdom
  • Growth
  • Support

THOMAS SABO’s bond with nature is reflected in our designs as well as in their sustainable workmanship. We take our responsibility very seriously and are committed to lasting improvements in our production that will benefit both people and the environment.

Distinctive Tree of Love pendants

The THOMAS SABO Tree of Love pendant necklace is truly eye-catching in 925 Sterling silver. Some designs are also available with a gorgeous warm 18k yellow gold or rosé gold-plated finish.
Truly stand-out pieces are the intricately crafted Tree of Love pendants spectacularly embellished with a multitude of colourful gemstone inlays and the finest engraving. Equally unique are the gemstone pendants that move between the branches, or the pendants with a rotating Tree of Life at their centre. Both are testament to the superior craftsmanship of their design.

The precious significance of the Tree of Love jewellery is further underlined by its hand-set ornamental gemstones. Glass-ceramic stone, synthetic corundum and zirconia stone embellishments, in frame and prong settings, round faceted, drop-shaped or baguette cut, truly elevate the pieces to another level. They magically sparkle and twinkle in the light.

The simple beauty of nature is reflected in the filigree cut-out Tree of Love pieces of jewellery with their symbolic central motif. Sets with chains or single pendants complete the Tree of Love series

Mix & match with the THOMAS SABO Tree of Love jewellery collection

Make a statement with our Tree of Love jewellery worn solo. Or attract even more admiring glances and compliments by teaming it with other pieces from the same Tree of Love range.
Two-tone Thomas Sabo Tree of Love rings and pendants are perfect worn with other life-affirming symbolic pieces from the collection: Tree of Love signet rings, delicate ladies’ rings or exquisite bracelets. The branches of the Tree of Love have a far reach so that it is also immortalised on our beads. They can be worn singly on THOMAS SABO Karma Beads bracelets or combined with other symbolic or meaningful beads.
The Tree of Love adorning the face of a traditional watch for women is guaranteed to attract a lot of admiring glances, and reminds you of your inner strength every time you check the time. Whether your style is a Thomas Sabo Tree of Love pendant, necklace, bracelet, ring or watch – there are simply no limits to the ways you can combine them. Find your inner strength and balance by wearing this powerful motif from top to toe.

Awaken relationships with those you love with THOMAS SABO Tree of Love jewellery

The Tree of Love is a perfect gift to yourself as a lucky charm or talisman. It is a symbol of hope, representing a happy future. But equally you can bring happiness to other people’s lives with this meaningful symbol. Embodying eternal love, it underlines the bond of every partnership.
Symbolising the natural cycle of life, Tree of Love jewellery is a perfect gift for a new mum. Like the climbing branches of the tree, a baby will grow and thrive, bringing happiness and life.