Charm Club

The more than 600 filigree and original motifs of the Charm Club collection, such as the god of love Cupid, romantic heart charms or cute animals provide a highly varied introduction to the jewellery world of THOMAS SABO. The silver-coloured charms make every bracelet and every chain an absolute highlight and a highly personal fortune-endowing gift.

Since 2006 the favourite of jewellery lovers

Since 2006 a new Charm Club collection has appeared twice a year with lovingly designed creations. It arouses the fans' collecting passion worldwide. Since 2013 Charm Club jewellery has also shone in yellow gold and rose gold, underscoring the feminine and trendy look of this playful collection.

Fashionistas can choose from a wide range of different charm styles and motifs to enhance their look. Whether they are looking for the right charms for the next summer holiday, perfect Christmas gifts or a scintillating present for their best friend – the Charm Club always offers the ideal jewellery gift for all occasions.

Travel the world with Charm Club!

Whether a road trip or a weekend immersed in nature: the Charms provide great souvenirs that will remind you of those magic moments! The signature globe charm gets a restyling with a dove symbolising peace and becomes the perfect lucky charm for travellers, along with the new car and aeroplane Charms.

And if holidays in the wilderness are your thing, we have some charms for you: the hippo, the cheeky monkey on a palm tree and the dazzling zirconia encrusted elephant Charm or the koala – just choose the Charm that best represents your exotic holiday!

Boho-chic charming creations

Channel your inner bohemian spirit with festival-friendly Charms inspired by Native American Indian culture: the dream catcher Charm will catch the bad dreams and ensure that only the good ones reach you at night; the lotus Charm with turquoise or lapis lazuli will provide calm and protection; the chic feathers and the ethnic fish, plus many of the other Charms will provide great additions to your festival outfits, thanks to their bohemian-chic appeal!

Dive in the sea with the new Charms!

The Charm Club collection takes you to the beach for Spring/Summer 2016! An array of beautifully detailed animal charms join the Charm Club, as well as cute summer shoe charms: a starfish, a dragonfly and colourful espadrilles are just some of the new charms making their appearance in the THOMAS SABO world!

All you need is Love!

The true love for our family, friends and our other half is always worth celebrating! Tell them how much you care and surprise your nearest and dearest with small talismans such as the cute little bear couple, the lovely “Sweet 16” charm, the mum cat and kitten or the “Thinking of you” cloud charm. These Charms can be romantic, fun, sweet, cute and thoughtful depending on the occasion: the most important thing is that they say “I love you” in a very special way!