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Delicate necklaces – The THOMAS SABO charm club

Within the THOMAS SABO charm club, delicate necklaces are made for fashionable styling-queens. The mix & match style makes any combination possible, which is why trendsetters can live it up. Whatever mood you’re in, you can combinate long and short lengths, delicate silver, yellow or rose gold necklaces, monochrome or colourful ones with many charms. Even if you’re wearing a singular THOMAS SABO necklace in 925 Sterling silver, it will still be a noticeable accessory for any outfit.

Despite their fragile appearance, the fine necklaces are a remarkable eye-catcher, thanks to the loving designs and high-quality craftsmanship. This way, they perfectly complete fashionable styles for any occasion. It has never been easier to fall in love head over heels with the THOMAS SABO charm necklaces.

Filigree necklaces with a personal touch

The significant fine chains are manufactured of high-quality 925 Sterling silver, decorated with one or several pendants and can be worn in four different lengths. The anchor chain necklaces are made of fine links, which harmoniously blend into the style of the charms. Express your own style: You can choose out of our extensive kaleidoscopic and filigree designs. THOMAS SABO necklace charms in 925 Sterling silver or with yellow or rose gold plating come as hearts, letters, or nature symbols, which function as lucky charms or as souvenir of special moments. Whether you buy a THOMAS SABO delicate necklace for yourself or a favourite person of yours: The broad selection animates to start a collection. Due to the consistent design language, you can harmoniously combine our fragile necklaces.

Layering-look: Fine 925 Sterling silver and yellow or rose gold plated chains for individual styles

Layering is the magic word: By wearing delicately layered necklaces in different colours or lengths, you can create personal and unique looks. Our designs with romantic details are the most fascinating:

  • Filigree Pendants with meaningful symbols
  • Gemstones in sparkling colours
  • Shining white zirconia stones

THOMAS SABO double necklaces include the exciting layering-look since they are made of two chains in the first place. You can create modern trends by making use of the mix and match style, which turns every composition into an individual outfit.

Our fine jewellery with initial necklaces are common components for layering necklaces. The adjustable chains for charms are available in pure 925 Sterling Silver, which is the classic. You may also purchase THOMAS SABO gold or rose gold chains and charm necklaces, which are embellished with an 18k plating. A perfect statement to show the affection towards your favourite person: Wear the initials of your loved ones on several layered necklaces.

It’s not only jewellery: Delicate necklaces as affectionate gifts

The almost endless combinations with the delicate necklaces by THOMAS SABO fascinate future trendsetters. But the fine jewellery and necklaces are not only something to keep to yourself. Buy a delicate pendant or heart necklace as a personal present for your mother, sister, or best friend. You can demonstrate your close relationship by wearing the same necklace.