Founder, Managing Director and Chairman Thomas Sabo



Thomas Sabo is the founder, Managing Director and Chairman of THOMAS SABO and has a very clear vision. With his impressive dynamism and innovativeness, he is the driving force behind the company.

Together with Creative Director Susanne Kölbli, he has succeeded in establishing THOMAS SABO as one of the leading manufacturers of jewellery, watches and beauty products.

His enthusiasm for Sterling silver led the Austrian citizen to complete an apprenticeship to become a precision mechanic. In the early 1980s, his desire to focus more intensively on silver jewellery led him to Asia. He sold the pieces of jewellery acquired there in Germany – simultaneously laying the foundations for the company today and ending that chapter of his life by establishing THOMAS SABO in 1984.

Thomas Sabo revolutionised the jewellery market with high-quality, innovative items of jewellery crafted from 925 Sterling silver, one of the very first to set new standards in brand jewellery – something that he continues to do to this very day.
Thomas Sabo is a visionary who pursues his ideas in a single-minded and passionate manner and who has succeeded in transforming THOMAS SABO into a successful, globally-active lifestyle company that creates jewellery, watches and beauty products.

Furthermore, Thomas Sabo – together with his wife Luz Enith Sabo – is very committed to the concerns of disadvantaged children both in his home town of Nuremberg and throughout the world, for example in Columbia.