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Ring black from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store Ring black from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store
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THOMAS SABO signet rings for men: expressive statement jewellery

Their fine engraving, hand-set gemstones and craftsmanship of the highest quality are what set apart THOMAS SABO vintage-style men's signet rings. The designs range from minimalist to ultra-opulent, something for every style.
Fashioned from the highest quality 925 Sterling silver, THOMAS SABO men’s gold and silver signet rings are durable and designed to be worn for life. The range includes distinctive three-dimensional designs, band rings and classic signet rings, the pure styling and clean lines of which distinguish them. Many signet rings for men also come with a 18k yellow gold-plated finish, underlining their highly expressive significance.

The origins of signet rings for men

The style of THOMAS SABO men’s silver and gold signet rings makes them unique in the range of all our men rings. In the past, signet rings for men were predominantly used as a symbol of power and authority. Boasting the wearer’s initials, family crests, badges or figurative symbols, they were worn to demonstrate the person’s history and standing in society.
Historically, they were also used to securely seal confidential and personal documents by dripping liquid wax onto the seal of a document and pressing the signet ring into the warm wax. In medieval times, men would often wear this silver or gold jewellery on their little finger or thumb.

By contrast, today anything goes! Both men and women stylishly wear silver and gold signet rings as statement jewellery or as an modern and fashionable accessory. It is up to each and every individual to select the motif and the finger on which they choose to wear the signet ring.

Perfect everyday jewellery: sophisticated signet rings for men

Jewellery for men is the perfect accessory for everyday wear. It elevates business styles, enhances elegant formal suits, and adds a stylish twist to more laid-back casual outfits. Discover a wealth of styles and designs at THOMAS SABO: intricately detailed, chunky or minimalist. Two-tone signet rings and rings incorporating a mix of materials lend added flair to this men’s status symbol. Reinterpreted men’s ethnic-style signet rings with stones, possible featuring Tiger’s eye gemstones, are today’s fashion must-have. Black onyx signet rings for men have a certain authoritarian grandeur, with the interplay of the gemstones and fine engraving giving the wearer a certain rebellious look.

A gift with meaning: signet rings for men

Regardless of whether you opt to wear the Sterling silver signet rings as personalised partner jewellery or present one to the one you love to mark a birthday, anniversary or even as a signet wedding ring: THOMAS SABO signet rings are special gifts for the special people in your life. Reliefs, intricate engraving and highly expressive motifs transform them into jewellery of the highest quality, underlining your fondness for the recipient.
Men’s gold and silver signet rings come in a range of different sizes, allowing partners to express their special bond to each other by wearing the identical signet ring. Minimalist designs of partner rings work best as a timeless declaration of your love and affection.