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THOMAS SABO combines the most striking features of the falcon into a series of majestic jewellery designs: discover ultra-detailed feathers and expressive claws that symbolise the sense of power and freedom incarnated in this animal, perfectly rounding off your audacious style.
Authentic designs
This jewellery series stands for quality, which is iconically reflected in the form of detailed plumage, claws or shining eyes made of onyx.
Styling with style
Seize the moment and opt for nifty falcon designs that exude a special high quality with filigree patterns.
Blackened 925 Sterling silver
From the very beginning, THOMAS SABO has used a high quality technique in which silver jewellery is blackened in specific places, giving individual pieces of jewellery an expressive look.
A power animal as a lucky charm
The falcon is a magnificent power animal that serves as a lucky charm for you in the form of a piece of THOMAS SABO jewellery and points the way to a successful future.
Falcon ring
As a messenger of light, the falcon ring captivates with shining eyes made of onyx and a sparkling plumage that gives an expressive appearance to any look.
C$ 529.00 - C$ 598.00
The Falcon
Ring claw from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store Ring claw from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store
C$ 319.00