Further questions about the Gift Card

  • When purchasing a gift card online, can I have it sent to a different delivery address?

You can send a Gift Card to a different delivery address. Simply enter an alternative delivery address when ordering and the Gift Card will be sent to the desired recipient directly. 

  • Does the gift card come with a special gift packaging?

Yes, the Gift Card is placed in a special card. The Gift Card packaging is neutral in design. 

  • How do I do if I lose my gift card?

Please keep your Gift Card in a safe place. It is just like having cash. It will not be replaced in the event that you should lose it. If you still have the invoice or receipt for the Gift Card, THOMAS SABO may be able to – in individual cases – determine the current credit and block the Gift Card. In individual cases, THOMAS SABO may be able to transfer the remaining credit to your bank account or issue you with a new Gift Card with the corresponding credit.

  • Is the Gift Card transferrable?

Yes, the Gift Card is not personalised and therefore can be used by anybody.

  • When is the PIN required?

The PIN is only required for payment in the Online Shop and for checking the credit. The PIN can be found on the back of your card. To reveal it, you must scratch off the coating covering the corresponding field.

  • Who can I contact if I have queries relating to the gift card?

For all other queries, please write to: service@thomassabo.com 


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