Caring instructions for our sunglasses

In order to guarantee a long service life for THOMAS SABO eyewear, the following points should be observed:

  • Do not place eyewear with the glass side on table surfaces or other surfaces as this will scratch the lenses. Always pack in the enclosed case.
  • Always keep eyewear in your handbag or similar in the case, to prevent damage to the frame or lenses.
  • If the eyewear is dropped, lenses can break or scratch, or the frame can be deformed.
  • Acetate ends on the temple can become discoloured if hairspray, strong perfumes, hair gels, creams etc. are used.
  • Nose pads are sensitive and can become discoloured by make-up, creams, etc. Please clean regularly with eyewear cleaner and lukewarm water.
  • Only use clean eyewear cloths or microfibre cloths to clean the frame and lenses. Do not apply strong pressure.
  • Other cleaning agents can be aggressive and change the colour of lenses, acetates or metals and damage them.
  • Avoid long exposure to heat or excessive heat (e.g. in the sauna, leaving the eyewear on the dashboard in the car or contact with steam).
  • Eyewear must not be used as safety glasses for manual work as it does not meet the requirements of safety glasses.

EU Declaration of Conformity