Traces of wear and tear on polished silver- and gold-plated surfaces

All THOMAS SABO silver pieces are crafted using 925 sterling silver and gold pieces are plated using 18 carat yellow or rose gold. Please note that traces of wear and tear (e.g. scratches) are more visible on items which have larger polished silver or gold surfaces as on other items. These can occur even after a short time.

  • External influences like scratches and tarnishing are normal signs of wear and tear and are no material faults!
  • Store your silver jewellery in a clean, dry place away from direct sun exposure. Please avoid storing your jewellery in damp and hot conditions as this can cause silver and gold plating to discolour and tarnish.
  • It is advisable to remove all jewellery when partaking in any physical or labour intensive activities. For this same reason, it is also advisable not to wear jewellery when asleep at night.
  • Skin and hair products such as body lotions, perfumes and creams can react adversely with jewellery causing precious metals to tarnish and/or erode. It is advisable to apply any cosmetic products in advance of putting on jewellery.
  • You can refresh the shine of your jewellery piece by polishing the item with a silver/gold cleaning cloth.
  • Furthermore, we offer a professional reconditioning service at our workshop. Please note that it can´t be avoided that in process of reconditioning a silver abrasion will occur.
  • A result of this is that existing engravings could become weaker.