The Seven Chakras


The term chakra comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit and means circle or wheel. The seven chakras symbolise the primary energy centres of man, arranged vertically along the spine. Each chakra embodies a stage of the flowering lotus and represents an energy centre that unites the body and soul through energy channels. However, only all seven chakras together can bring the human spirit into perfect balance.


Crown chakra


This chakra is also known as Sahasrara – Sanskrit for thousand-fold – and represents spirituality, consciousness and supreme awareness. Upon full opening and free of disturbing influences, this chakra – embodying the thousand-petalled lotus flower – ensures a sense of deep inner peace. The colour white in particular is attributed to this energy centre and can beautifully support it. And the corresponding THOMAS SABO items of jewellery with milky quartz promote this energy centre.

Third eye chakra


The Ajna chakra – Ajna means perceive – particularly embodies perception, intuition and willpower. It also promotes the imagination and ensures spiritual clarity and high levels of concentration. Meditation can support this energy centre which is oriented on the 96-petalled lotus flower. In terms of colour, shades of purple are attributed to the third eye chakra, which comes in the form of exquisite THOMAS SABO items of jewellery with wonderful amethysts.

Throat chakra


The so-called Vishuddhi chakra – Vishuddhi stands for clean – promotes expression, communication and inspiration and embodies the 16-petalled lotus flower. Furthermore, is supports mental strength and helps with pronounced eloquence. The sky blue topaz used in the corresponding THOMAS SABO items of jewellery also supports this energy centre.

Heart chakra


The heart chakra, which embodies the twelve-petalled lotus flower, is also called the Anahata chakra. Anahata is Sanskrit for inside, uninjured. It symbolises love, relationships, affection and empathy and simultaneously represents openness and tolerance. The stronger this chakra is, the easier it is to overcome selfish thoughts and actions and to put yourself in the position of others. In terms of colour, this chakra is represented by green – reflected by the expressive green gold quartz in the items from the Fine Jewellery Collection.

Solar plexus chakra


The so-called Manipura chakra promotes willpower, wisdom and a strong personality. The term Manipura means city of jewels and is based on the ten-petalled lotus flower. The solar plexus chakra promotes self-confidence, strong nerves, recuperative sleep and simultaneously provides energy and vitality. It can be augmented by the colour yellow, which can be found in the form of dazzling yellow quartz in the THOMAS SABO Fine Jewellery items.

Splenic chakra


The so-called Swadhisthana chakra supports creativity, eroticism and enthusiasm. Swadhisthana comes from the Sanskrit and means sweet, lovely and embodies the six-petalled lotus flower. The colour orange strengthens this chakra and is represented by expressive gold citrine in the THOMAS SABO jewellery.

Root chakra


This chakra is also known as the Muladhara chakra – Muladhara stands for root stem – and strengthens instinct, stability, assertiveness as well as deepest trust. An opened, disturbance-free root chakra ensures grounding and balance as well as physical strength and vitality. This chakra – visually based on the four-petalled lotus flower – is represented by the colour red, which the corresponding THOMAS SABO items of jewellery reflect with intensive red garnet.

In the Fine Jewellery Collection, all seven chakras are also available as miniature chakras with the same gemstone combinations and embellished with fabulous white diamonds.

The black, mystically-dazzling Black Chakras – crafted from blackened 925 Sterling silver with black onyx and black diamonds that represent the same symbolism, but replace colour harmony with an elegant black look – are absolutely perfect for both men and women.

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