Marisa Hampe:

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Als Reise-Influencerin zeigt uns Marisa Hampe atemberaubende Naturmomente. Und das in einer Bildsprache, die so außergewöhnlich und inspirierend ist, dass wir für unser THOMAS SABO Magazin mit ihr gesprochen haben, um mehr über sie, ihren Blick auf die Welt und ihren Stil zu erfahren. {{template:publishedOn}}

THOMAS SABO supports TENT: A partnership in harmony with nature

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This year, THOMAS SABO is collaborating with The European Nature Trust (TENT) once again to support the protection of wilderness and biodiversity. THOMAS SABO is donating a total of 20,000 euros to this British charity. Read more about our commitment and the première of the TENT documentary “Riverwoods”, which you are also welcome to attend.{{template:publishedOn}}

Zodiac sign Taurus and their love of classic elegance

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Consistency means as much to Taurus as beauty does to Venus, which rules this star sign. We’ll reveal what makes those born between 21 April and 20 May so special – and what jewellery they prefer to complete their look.